Gonfu  teawares

Gonfu teawares

In the tumult of life, we are like a cup of turbid water. The slightest sound or subtle vibration can stir the waters of our inner lake. Through the tranquility of tea-drinking and mindfulness, we guide our hearts back to serenity.

The pristine white of porcelain, akin to the inherent goodness of human nature, shines forth when the clarity and sensitivity of our inner selves resemble pure water. Beauty unfolds in the stability of the present moment.

The spiritual aesthetics in my heart's consciousness is encapsulated in the concept of "Goodness and Water."



The performance of using Shino tea utensils to brew tea is akin to a blend of art and ritual. The exquisite ceramic craftsmanship elevates the tea ceremony to a profound experience, and each movement reflects a deep reverence for tea. From holding the tea scoop to pouring water, every step is imbued with respect and tranquility.


The tea ceremony is from Taiwanese Chadao . The beautiful tea ceremony can bring to the peace and clam moment . 


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