About us


Our philosophy
"Hush, you hear the sound of the crockery coming out of the kiln, the cry of the newborn,
and I am the father."

Peter slides the phone, playing a record of a kiln when the surprise is a very high temperature glazed contact with the cold air produced by the subtle opening sound, the table full of containers for different shapes, sizes, issue the level Scattered, music box in general clanking, is to embrace the joy of cheering. Some people say that tea is everyone's most homely on the heart of the most true reflection. Face to the people ,Peter has not much words to say but mischievous eyes hidden under a jumping restless soul, perhaps just because too difficult to find timely and appropriate words to convey the heart surging but fleeting life insights.

However, the face of artifacts, he has so many creations about art series . "Iron and Steel Series", "good water series", "Beetle Series" ... continuous experiments, and constantly so that everyone stunning, and therefore the production of specific works is always not much. These series seemingly different from their interest, but understanding Peter’s work , will understand that they are exactly the hearts of each small room in his different portraits.

"I have too many things  want to try, these ideas continue to emerge and my dialogue, time is limited, if only the market needs, but can not have fun, creative to me on the meaningless... ”

One of Peter’s tea wares series is "good water" series which is connect with the learning ‘chadao’,  it is a sense of stability and tranquility. "Good Water" is a very popular tea series for tea people . The warm ivory glaze has a distinct texture, dotted with tiny black or brown spots, and is modern and rich in texture. Can match. The word "good water" comes from "good water", water is stable and dynamic, pure and inclusive. "It looks like a clean white under the glaze, in fact, brown embryo, through the use of friction and gradually show the cream of the fine points and opening film is the temperature of time, like people, the inherent nature of the over time External camouflage. It is more deeply behind the story of his creation touched.

Often see the great again to introduce new works, are happy for Peter , through the utensils, his hearty exposition of self, with the creative power of the perpetual instability, by a variety of representation, in the heart to build a balanced and exclusive His stability. And eager to look forward to their favorite items of our patience to look forward to it! 


Born in 1983, Yingge ,Taiwan
2006 established a large pottery studio Da Qian
2008 Xi Ming Zhao firewood techniques under the tutelage of teacher Jane
2009 New Year's event invitation Taipei Palace Exhibition
2010 Salary firewood Taichung Cultural Center Exhibition
2010 Museum of Contemporary Ceramics Third prize pot of gold in Taiwan    
Works: Snow eclipse / Steel Pot
2010 Creative life. Won New Ceramic Award 
Works: firewood Zhi Xiao Tao Cup  group Wild Works: firewood cast pottery tea set
2011 Creative life. Won New Ceramic Award  Works: Rational gentle
2011 Fourth Cross-Strait Cultural Industry Fair  Silver works: Green Honey Pot
2012 Fifth Taiwan Museum of Contemporary Ceramics pot of gold award
Works: honey green side of the pot
2012 Won the New Ceramic Award - Yingge burn Certification
2013 Yingge Ceramics Museum in Yingge {home} I do pottery studio potters Exhibition
2014 Taipei triple Jascha Gallery Exhibition
2015 Taipei Exhibition Subject : Good water tea wares
2015 New Taipei City Museum of Ceramics new award named
2016 Fire and Stone firewood solo exhibition in FAB STUDIO LA U.S
2016 Young art Taipei in the arts throughout the gallery exhibition
2016 Scholars artifacts. Potters Cup exhibition in Banmu gallery
2016 Wood series tea wares  exhibition (tea cans gallery)

2017 Teawares Exhibition in Taipei
2017 USA CHANDRAN GALLERY Ceramics exhibition 
2019  Tea wares  exhibition (Tea cans gallery)
2019 France Incense Art cooperation Fashion show Exhibition 
2020 USA Palm Spring Museum tea wares exhibition
2021 Teawares Exhibition in TaiChong 
2022 Tea wares  exhibition (Tea cans gallery)

2023 Art Exhibition in Yingge Shop