Wood fired teapot |around 400ml
Wood fired teapot |around 400ml
DAQIAN - Peter Kuo

Wood fired teapot |around 400ml

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These sidehandle teapots were made in the summer of 2024 .Woodfiring requires a huge amount of labour, time and skill so Peter is only able to undertake this process twice a year. Each piece is completely unique and handmade. We wanted share the details of the process to give you a deeper appreciation of why these pieces are so special.


Before firing, Peter hand throws the body, lid and spout each pot. The design and subtlety for each piece requires years of skill and understanding. The teapot must be not only aesthetically beautiful, but function well and feel balanced in the hand. Once the piece starts to take shape it is left to dry enough so it can be trimmed and then Peter will add any final details or changes before firing. These small touches can make a huge difference on the final piece, often separating a good teapot from a great teapot.

 There are a number of factors that can affect how long the wood fire process takes, including the weather, type of wood and even the way the kiln in packed. Each time it is different, but will generally take between 5 to 7 days. Once Peter decides it is finished, he has to close the door of the kiln and wait for one week for it to cool down.

 The last step is to unload the kiln and find the correct wood handle for each teapot. This process can take another week and requires a lot of patience and understanding to marry the right to pieces together. Each Teapot is then tested to make sure it pours in a way we are satisfied with.

Each teapot is the result of over a month of work. Every element is considered and balanced, creating a unique piece of functionable art that will enrich your life for years to come.

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